Purchased in 1974 by Marion and Alfred Stewart, Stu-Berry Acres began as a small dairy farm. The berry business took off in 1982 when Marion planted our first raspberry patch behind the garage. Marion passed away in  September of 2003, leaving  the business in the hands of her  husband and son, Doug. 

     Alfred and Doug added blueberry and fall raspberry bushes the following year.  In January of 2012, Doug passed away at the young age of 44. 

     Alfred continued the business on his own, adding black raspberry and strawberry patches to the farm in 2013.  Within the same year, Alfred's son, David, began canning pickles, salsa, and jam to be sold at the farm's store. In 2014, Alfred officially retired from the berry business his wife began 22 years ago. His son Daniel has since taken over. The farm continues to expand with the addition of  purple raspberries in 2014.

A few words about us

Marion and Alfred Stewart, 1974


Stu-Berry Acres

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We are locally owned and operated.

We provide an experience for the whole family. Enjoy our beautiful acres with the kids as you pick, and stop by our store to see all our products! We value each and every one of our customers and take pride in our farm.